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The NOLA Art House, a giant treehouse and home on Esplanade avenue that is an amazing venue and a place you can show up at any time to play in has been shut down. The Treehouse has been dealing with threats from their neighbors, and this morning they were ambushed by cops and fire marshals, who told them if they were not out by 4pm they would be considered squatters and a home they rent. The power was cut, and the SPCA showed up to collect all of the animals (every other resident at the treehouse had a pet). A lawyer friend of the treehouse talked the police into giving them more time, but they are expecting the nopd to be back soon. I'm sure you guys are thinking "oh, another cool place getting shut down", but this is the coldest, wettest day of the year, and this move will render about 15 people homeless.

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This is not just a venue, this is a home to many, many amazing people. Many of who have low-paying or no jobs and depend on the parties for support. This is the House Of The Rising Sun. They are being evicted under these circumstances
* The City of NOLA is citing code violations:
o Uncovered outlets
o Things being stored under the stairs
o A shared kitchen without a sink in each room

Things that if not all then at least 90% of the houses in New Orleans are guilty of.


Contact ERTCA:
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Photobucket Ronnie: What’s up, Saddamn?
Saddamn: What the fuck do you want, Ronnie?
Ronnie: I want you to face the fucking music.
Saddamn: I have a restraining order against you, so take this opportunity to back the fuck up.
Ronnie: Look at him! That’s all the proof I need.
Saddamn: That’s racist man.
Ronnie: Race has nothing to do with this. You fit the profile.
Saddamn: Just like I fit the profile for the pervert?
Ronnie: How do I know you’re not the pervert?
Saddamn: MY DICK IS BROWN, YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER! What you should you do is arrest this fucking clown. He comes here and harasses me like every day. Last week he tells me that he’s discovered my plot to blow up the Chick-fil-A. Why the fuck would I blow up Chick-fil-A? It’s fucking delicious.